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Our Cincy Journeys applications for 2023 are now available! The button below will take you to the web portal application page.

For Existing Web Users: If you already have a web user account for the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, you can enter the portal to sign in to apply for Cincy Journeys grants.


For New Applicants: If you are a new grant applicant with the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, applying for Cincy Journeys is a two-step process. First, you will need to register as a user of the web portal. Then, you can come back to the application portal to sign in and apply for Cincy Journeys grants. You will also receive an email confirmation of your new web user status. That email will contain information that leads you back to the application portal.


*Usernames and passwords created prior to 11/1/19 are not valid on this site. You will need to create a new account in the portal. Thank you!

Also, please read the exciting news about Cincy Journeys Grant Updates.

Cincy Journeys Grant Updates

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati and The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati are pleased to announce the following Cincy Journeys grant updates starting in 2023.

New Camp Fellowship

A camp counselor/staff fellowship will be available for Cincinnati Jewish young adults ages 18 (or after graduating high school) to 26 to work at an approved Jewish overnight camp in the United States or Canada. The fellowship will include the following salary subsidy:

  • $1,200 for new counselors/staff
  • $2,400 for returning counselors/staff

The camp counselor/staff fellowship supports the professional development of our young adults as well as the staffing needs of overnight Jewish camps. The full requirements and application will be launched by February 28, 2023.

Israel Travel Grant Flexibility

Two Israel travel grants (for $8,000 and $6,250) can be used by Cincinnati Jewish teens and young adults any time between the ages of 16 to 26 with approved trip providers. In the past, one grant was available to be used during high school (ages 16 to 18), and the second grant was available to be used after high school (ages 18 to 26). This change allows greater flexibility to support the varying interests of our Jewish youth and the types of programs available. Grants must be used for separate experiences and cannot be combined for a semester or year-long programs.


Camp Grants Continuation

Camp grants will remain the same with two years of eligibility.

  • First-Time Grant (3+ weeks): $2,250
  • Second-Time Grant (3+ weeks): $1,250
  • First-Time Grant (2 weeks): $1,125
  • Second-Time Grant (2 weeks): $625

The Cincy Journeys grant program enables Jewish children, teens, and young adults to attend Jewish overnight camp or travel to Israel each year. These grants are not based on financial need. Jewish overnight camp and Israel travel give our young community members the skills, experience, and desire to become tomorrow’s Jewish leaders.


For other details about Cincy Journeys, visit the website at