High School Student Experiences Israel Travel Thanks to Cincy Journeys

We love hearing from Cincy Journeys alumni about their experiences! Many thanks to Shayna Peromsik, a Cincy Journeys grant recipient, for sharing her reflections on her life-changing trip to Israel.

I just wanted to thank the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati and Jewish Foundation for sending me to camp this summer in Israel. It was the most amazing and transformative experience, being in an Israel camp with friends from America and experiencing our holy land. The intense trips touring all around Israel were exhilarating and learning about our land was inspiring. The camp directors were amazing and the program was fully packed, not missing a single sight to be seen in Israel. The hours, dedicated work, logistics, and money put into enabling students in Cincinnati to attend touring camps in Israel is much appreciated. Again, thank you for all of the hard work that allows Cincinnati teenagers experience Israel.

Check out pictures of Shayna's incredible experience here.


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