Onward Israel 2017: Tryna Grub SZN

By Jared Witt & the Tryna Grubb Team
Originally posted on the Tryna Grub Blog

Jared Witt is a senior at Miami University studying marketing with a co-major in business analytics, and is a proud alumnus of Loveland High School. Jared is currently participating in the Onward Israel program and, thanks to grants from Cincy Journeys and The Jewish Agency for Israel, will spend the next two months working as an intern at an Israeli startup, Tryna Grub, in Tel Aviv.

Sunday marked the beginning of work for our very first interns, Raquel and Jared, AKA OJ AKA other Jared. Cafelix on Shlomo Hamelech street played host to the interns very first meeting with CEO Jered Blumenfeld. Jered brought the interns up to speed on the status of Tryna Grub, its private beta, and go-to-market strategy.
Next came a tour of Jered’s neighborhood and his very own headquarters located inside his apartment. Jered gave a tour of HQ and showed the new interns to their desks. Raquel and OJ got themselves situated and then left with Jered to go eat at one of the CEO’s favorite spots, HaKosem. Jered treated the interns to the best shawarma in all of Tel-Aviv and a phenomenally well plated dish of chicken, hummus, eggplant, salad, and falafel. All the food quickly made it onto Tryna Grub’s Instagram page and story.
Lunch was followed by a walk down Rothschild Street, while Jered pointed out all his favorite restaurants / cafes / workspaces, there were a lot. Raquel posted numerous updates to the Instagram story featuring restaurants we passed. We ended up at the beautiful Heseg Foundation building, at Rothschild 46 and Jered showed us around. The Heseg Foundation offers full academic scholarships to ex-lone soldiers. Thousands of soldiers apply every year yet only a fraction get accepted. Its exclusivity is not to be diminished, Heseg is more than a scholarship, it’s a family. Recently, the foundation has opened its own startup accelerator called H.I.P. (Heseg Innovator Program). Tryna Grub completed Heseg’s “H.I.P. Boost” program in 2016.

We began to look at the Tryna Grub website and made some major modifications. Lots of work goes into preparing a website, but the whole crew was more then up for the challenge. We updated the site to make it more user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.
The first day came to an end as a wild success. Raquel and Jared left headquarters excited about the work completed and the endless work to come. The life of a bootstrapped startup is fun and exciting, but the work never truly ends. If we have piqued your interest and you want to know more or become a part of our exclusive social dining platform, check out our website, trynagrub.com or follow our progress and the delicious food on Instagram @TrynaGrub.

Not pictured: Daniel Alayon-Solarz (CTO)


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