Onward Israel 2017: Week 5

Shalom friends and family in Cincinnati!
We are about to start week six of this program and can’t believe how fast time is flying. 

This week, David Zanoni and Hannah Wise will tell us a little more about their internships and time here in Tel Aviv. 

Name: David Zanoni
University: University of Cincinnati

David is a research and analytics intern at a company called Signals Analytics. He is on the modeling team where he develops question models for clients who want to know more about the current / future market, where their product would fit, when they should launch a product, etc. David has made lots of friends and connections where he works and has learned a lot from his coworkers. He likes the work ethic here and enjoys that it is much more laid back than it is in the US.

Name: Hannah Wise
University: Miami University

Hannah is a marketing intern at a start up called Open Restaurants. Open Restaurants is a 4-day culinary festival that takes place in Jerusalem. They also offer a platform for booking culinary experiences and behind the scenes tours of top restaurants in Israel. Hannah is responsible for running their social media accounts, PR, and copywriting. She enjoys being able to travel to different cities in Israel and try new foods, meet with local restaurant owners, and explore new places, while also getting on the job experience. Compared to some of the past internships she’s had, this one is different in the sense that every day she is doing something completely different and no one day is ever the same.

Hannah and David are both recent graduates, so this trip has been a nice break for them before having to enter the real world back at home.

Above: David Zanoni and Hannah Wise.

This past weekend was a relaxing one for most. Some of us were able to spend it with families, while others spent the weekend on the beach and finding new places to eat. A place that we’ve had to come back to because we love so much is Café Xoho. It’s a vegetarian brunch restaurant in the heart of Dizengoff with one of the best breakfast bagels I think I’ve ever had. 

Above: The famous egg and cheese bagel at Café Xoho.

A few of us also ventured to the Dizengoff area to go to their beautiful beach.

Above: Palm trees on Gordon Beach in Dizengoff, Tel Aviv.

On Saturday, the whole group got together and went to a food festival in South Tel Aviv that featured foods from various places, such as South Africa, America, Colombia, and Georgia. Of course, the America stand offered greasy bacon cheeseburgers, just the way we like it, right? This was a fun way to end the weekend with everybody. 

Once again, Sunday marked the beginning of a new work week. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the work week being Sunday-Thursday. Sunday evening some of the group got together and watched the sunset on the beach while enjoying a game of matcot, which is the Israeli version of ping pong, but without a table. We also went to Max Brenner, a famous chocolate bar located all around Israel. 

Above: The “chocolate celebration for two” at Max Brenner!

This week, Hannah and I went on an adventure to Netanya to watch a family friend, Zach Fisher, compete in the Maccabiah games for swimming. It was a really cool experience to be able to watch the games and know somebody who was competing. Zach won several medals, including a gold medal and a new record set for Maccabiah for the Team USA medley relay! Go USA! 

Above: Hannah and Zach with his medal after one of his races!

I was also able to travel to Rehovot after work one day this week to spend a day with my grandpa who lives there. It was nice to relax and get to spend some quality time with him, watching his beloved tennis and catching up with each other. It has also been so great to get to spend so much time with my brother who lives in Dizengoff!

A few of us ended the week with a trip to Jaffa, exploring the beautiful streets of the Old City, roaming around the flea market, and walking along the port, which has an incredible view of Tel Aviv. 

With a happy heart and a full stomach, wishing you all a shavua tov!

P.S. I know you all have been dying to hear about the jellyfish situation here in Tel Aviv. We are proud to say that the jellyfish are (mostly) completely gone! We can now enjoy the beach without stumbling upon approximately 10 giant blobs of jellyfish along the shore.


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