Interning & Blogging in Tel Aviv: Meet Ricky and Dory

"For lunch each day we prepare a big meal and everyone in the office sits together and eats. I think this is really nice and makes everyone feel more like a team or a family,”  writes Dory Sanders, a Cincinnatian interning in Israel this summer.  

Dory is participating in Onward Israel, an eight week summer internship program, sponsored by the Jewish Agency for Israel.  Dory is one of 16 other Cincinnati young adults who have joined over 1200 students from around the world doing internships in their chosen field, while living in Tel Aviv.  

The combination of what for many is a first-time real work experience, being in a foreign country and culture, a new group experience, the more straightforward Middle Eastern culture and the expectation to “take the bull by the horns”—all of these factors join together to create what is often a very intense experience for a young American adult—albeit hopefully a meaningful and growth-oriented one in the end. 

Travel and housing costs were 100% paid for, through Cincy Journeys. Learn More about the grants and eligibility.

Two of the participants are blogging about this unique experience.  Ricky, an aspiring journalist with a quick sense of humor, who is interning at Newshound (a "small Reuters" as he says), tells it like it is at  

A preview of his latest:

Standing Up in Tel Aviv "It’s really hard to do stand-up in Tel Aviv if you are telling English jokes. Your options are pretty much to either tell your circumcision jokes to your friends or put them in a blog."

Dory is blogging at while interning at Feincook, which does all sorts of things to support restaurants.  She has traveled all over, including to the desert to milk goats with Bedouins.

Meet Ricky & Dory!

Ricky's Onward Israel Experience,
Dory's Onward Israel Experience,



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