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Grant FAQs

How long has The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati funded Israel travel grants for Jewish high school students and young adults?

The Jewish Foundation Board of Trustees formally approved funding for the Israel grant initiative on November 10, 1999.


What criteria are used to award grants?

The only factors that are considered are age, Jewish status, and permanent geographical ties to the greater Cincinnati area. Review the full list of eligibility requirements for high school travel grants and post-high school travel grants.


What is the maximum grant award?

Two Israel travel grants (for $8,000 and $6,250) can be used by Cincinnati Jewish teens and young adults any time between the ages of 16 to 26 with approved trip providers. Grants must be used for separate experiences and cannot be combined for semester or year-long programs.


What happens if I send a deposit to a trip provider and I do not get the grant?

Please check with your individual trip provider to make sure your deposit is fully refundable.


How do the grants funded by the Jewish Foundation compare with those in other Jewish communities?​

  • Columbus, Ohio, provides awards up to $1,500
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides teens with $750
  • Memphis, Tennessee, provides teens with a maximum of $3,500
  • Washington, D.C., provides a maximum of $1,700
  • Minneapolis Jewish teens receive a maximum of $1,000


Why are both The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati involved in this initiative?

The success of this program is due in large part to the collaboration of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. At the time the grant initiative was created, the Foundation Trustees determined that the organization most suited to run the program on a day-to-day basis was the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is responsible for outreach, intake, program publicity, information, and referral on the range of available trips and trip providers; maintaining contact with parents while their children are in Israel; and all general administration.


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