Internship. Israel. Interested?
100% paid for.


Live and learn in Tel Aviv with your Cincinnati friends June 5 - July 30, 2019. 

Why would you travel to Israel for an internship? Why wouldn't you?

  • Work in your field, enhance your resume, travel and play on the weekends

  • Open to Jewish Cincinnati young adults, ages 19-26, who have previously traveled to Israel

  • 100% paid for, with an Israel travel grant from The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati

  • View a sampling of internship types here




Internships are selected before the trip, based on the candidate's unique interests. Four days per week of interning and one day of education, with two organized weekends. Only 20 spots are available.


$5,000, or 100% paid for with eligibility for an Israel travel grant funded by The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati. Includes travel to, from, and within Israel and room and board in Tel Aviv.


Current undergrad or grad student (or graduated in the past year) originally from Cincinnati. Must have already traveled to Israel.

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