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Guest Post: The Secret Ingredient of Summer Camp Magic

By Benjamin Kramarz
Originally published on eJewish Philanthropy
Image: URJ Camp Eisner, summer 2015; courtesy.​

Ask children why they love camp and they will likely tell you that they love the fun activities, making new friends, or singing their cabin cheer really loudly in the dining ha…

Post-Trip Meeting: High School Israel Travelers Use Cincy Journeys Grants

On Friday, September 25, student travelers now in 11th and 12th grade departed from the Mayerson JCC to spend Shabbat together at Camp Livingston. Thanks to the generosity of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, 86 high school students had the opportunity to travel to Israel this past summer…

Summer’s Israel travel enhances Jewish identity for 135 young adults


As school starts up again, the 135 young adults who participated in an Israel travel experience from Cincinnati can look back on an impactful and meaningful summer. For example, in one of the programs, Onward Israel, participants dove deep: one published a research paper on sea turtles; anot…

Interning & Blogging in Tel Aviv: Meet Ricky and Dory

"For lunch each day we prepare a big meal and everyone in the office sits together and eats. I think this is really nice and makes everyone feel more like a team or a family,”  writes Dory Sanders, a Cincinnatian interning in Israel this summer.  

Dory is participating in Onward Isra…