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After COVID-19, Cincy Journeys Helps Life Return to Normal for Campers

“I love camp,” exclaimed Lauren Lillenstein. “If I didn’t go to Camp Livingston, I don’t know if I would be the person I am today. Without camp, I don’t think I would have been engaged in youth group in high school, I would not have been involved in Hillel in college. Camp really…

Onward Israel Cincinnati 2021 Week 6: Food, Food and more Food

As I have settled into my quaint home in Tel Aviv on Yehuda Halevi Street, I’ve formed a colorful mental map of the lively city. If I focus closely on the area, a dotted grey line comes into frame that weaves throughout the city. It’s key to follow the grey line closely and meticulously.…

Onward Israel Cincinnati 2021 Week 5: Jerusalem

What’s the point of a storyteller who lacks perspective and cahones? 

Moreover, I’d like to learn about a renowned storyteller in history who never stirred the pot over juvenile disagreements and longstanding political tiffs. The direction where my story is headed is clear, though some…

Onward Israel Cincinnati 2021 Week 4: Let Me See Your Pride

It’s week four here in Israel which leads me to ask you reader, “have you had enough of me yet?” 

If you answered “yes,” shame on you! Don’t worry, I’ve invited a few of my Onward friends to help contribute to the craziness that was this week! 

On Thursday, we set off for…

Onward Israel Cincinnati 2021 Week 3: The City That Lays by the Bay

Getting dozens of sleepy-eyed adults up and out of the hostel at 7:45 a.m. to board a bus is never an easy task, nevertheless we arrived in the picturesque city of Haifa in no time!

Haifa resembles a cousin of the handsome Italian coast with the city built up and along the mountain side pee…